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Features and Benefits

Microsoft CRM is based on Microsoft’s expertise in building powerful, easy-to-use solutions for end-user productivity and business servers, as well as five years of experience with CRM solutions.
Microsoft CRM offers an intuitive user interface, centralized activity management, and single-click access to information, reports, and sales and customer service functionality. Below is a summary of Microsoft CRM's key features and top 3 benefits. For a more detailed look at Microsoft CRM's features and benefits, download the Fact Sheets on the right.

Top 3 Benefits
The top three benefits your business is likely to get from implementing Microsoft CRM are:

1. Improved Business Productivity

Microsoft CRM will help your sales staff and customer service representatives do their jobs more effectively, and assist you in implementing a customer-based strategy. All of your staff will be able to share information more efectively.

Sales staff can increase sales success by shortening the sales cycle and increasing close rates. They can access Microsoft CRM online or out of the office with the full set of sales functionality.

Service representatives can more easily deliver high-quality, consistent customer service by accesing up-to-date resources and information to easily manage and resolve incidents and handle greater volume more efficiently.

2. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Microsoft CRM is designed to have a lower TCO than comparable products. Lower training and support requirements, along with a competitive license price ensure that your TCO stays low.

3. An Integrated Solution

Microsoft has a vision of a connected workplace: connecting employees to information, connecting your business to your customers, and connecting the systems that make your business run – regardless of platform or programming language. That’s the .NET vision.

Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and designed for low total cost of ownership, Microsoft CRM creates an interconnected workplace that extends across business systems and Web services.

Tight integration with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft Business Solutions allows you to make the most of your CRM investment. Easy integration with other business systems means that you can leverage Microsoft CRM across your business.